TV system

TV system

Clearly, to watch TV on a boat, it is not enough to simply buy a monitor. You need to create a real TV system that takes into account your budget, the type of your boat and the use you want to make of your TV. There are countless solutions on the market starting with the type of antenna you want to install. For example, if you generally prefer coastal navigation or watch TV only in the evening when you are moored on a quay, then you can opt for a digital terrestrial antenna: obviously this type of antenna is not the same as home antennas, because it must have the right technology to allow you to receive the signal even when the signal is weak or you are moving.

VSAT antennas: what are they?

Much more performing, but also more demanding from an economic point of view, are the VSAT antennas, satellite antennas with very advanced technologies: a good VSAT antenna allows you not only to receive satellite TV, but also real time Meteosat and, in the future, also other services, moreover of course it also guarantees the internet connection.

We help you in choosing a good radome

It is essential choosing a good radome: a radome is a weatherproof casing that protects the antenna but must be built with a material capable of attenuating as little as possible the electromagnetic signal transmitted or received by the antenna itself. In fact, the particular application or frequency determines the use of a different variety of materials. Furthermore, the radomes can be of various shapes and sizes but it is essential to choose them in order to maximize the space in your yacht. You can also choose the color because the functionality should never damage the aesthetics of your beautiful boat.

TV system installation, reprogramming and firmware update

The Sea Smart Service will help you to choose among the many options available in order to assemble the TV system that best suits your needs. Our consultants will suggest you, with competence and professionalism, the best solutions, proposing only the most technologically advanced and reliable products on the market for the best result possible. We will then install the system and provide you with remote technical assistance: our technicians, from our office, will be able to reprogram and / or update the firmware (those instructions that allow your hardware to communicate with the operating system  that we can define semi-permanent), they will be able to change satellites or frequencies for tracking. We will also provide you with any type of repair  your system might  need.

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