Systems for navigation

Systems for navigation

Contact the Sea Smart Service to equip your boat with all the necessary systems for a pleasant and safe navigation! In addition to the AIS and ECDIS systems ( about them you can check respectively our Communication and safety systems section and in the Cartographic systems section)  you will need other tools that you can find here.

Radar X and S band

Radar is used to identify, track and position ships. Marine radar is classified in the frequencies of the x-band (10 GHz) or the S-band (3GHz). The x-band, being of higher frequency, is used for a sharper image and better resolution while the S-band is used mainly in rain or fog. X-band radars are usually installed on Yatchs because they use much smaller antennas. But you can choose an S-band radar if you have special needs. Our consultants will propose you the best radars among the best brands on the market  according to your needs. All the products that we will offer you meet the highest standards of functionality and durability with

  • Clear images of what is around your boat, even small objects
  • Less maintenance
  • Ethernet network connection between the antenna unit and the processor unit below the deck
  • excellent Target Tracking
  • Advanced interference reduction feature
  • Large monitors


The GPS Positioning System (English acronym: Global Positioning System) is a US military satellite positioning and navigation system. The localization takes place through the transmission of a radio signal from each satellite of the network, which covers practically the whole earth, to a GPS receiver capable of processing these signals. It is operated by the government of the United States of America and is freely accessible by anyone with a GPS receiver.

The Sea Smart Service installs highly reliable GPS capable of communicating with the other electronic instruments on the boat.

Conning or control panel

It is essential, during navigation, to be able to monitor all the data coming from the instrumentation in an easy, clear and immediate way. That’s why a good control panel on the bridge console is essential. Our control panels will allow you to view and access all data related to your boat quickly and simply with clear and immediate views

Voyager Data Recorder (VDR)

The VDR collects data from all the interfaced sensors on board, storing them in an external data memory unit. They must be designed to withstand extreme shock, pressure and heat. Also in this case it is important to rely on leading brands in the market that offer products that have these characteristics:

Compliance with new performance standards

Data recording for 48 hours

Data storage for at least 20 days

Echo Sounders

Echo sounders are nautical accessories that are based on sonar technology and are used to measure the depth of seabed, and to ascertain the presence of any obstacles and fish. Fundamental to their effectiveness is the transducer, that is the device that translates the returned sound waves into images on the echo sounder display. And it is the transducer that makes the difference in the different types of echo sounders on the market. Trust the Sea Smart Service to choose the best product for your boat!


Although modern yachts are full equipped with electronic tools, traditional logs are still valuable companions on board that allow you to monitor the speed of your boat and the miles traveled. Although this tool has limitations as speed is calculated without taking into account the bottom, however, installing a log on our yachts is still important for a number of reasons. The first is that in navigation it is always better not to depend exclusively on sophisticated equipment that could stop working at any moment. The second reason is that  logs are still the most sensitive and immediate tools to measure every slightest variation in speed. Finally, nowdays logs can be interfaced with the other new generation instruments you have on board.

For all your navigation systems, contact the Sea Smart Service and you can choose, assisted by our technical staff, from the best brands (Furuno, Raymarine, Garmin, Transas, Kelvin, etc.) In addition to installation, we will provide maintenance and updates !

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