Gyro stabilizers

Gyro stabilizers

Anyone who has ever been on a boat knows how annoying rolling can be and how it can affect the pleasure of living this experience, not only while sailing but also in the port. But stabilizers , that is  devices capable of decreasing the rolling effect, until a few years ago were a prerogative only of large boats both for their very high costs and for their sizes and types of structure. 

Gyro stabilizers for your boat

Things have changed with gyroscopic stabilizers which, just like spinning tops, using their rotational movement tend to maintain a condition of equilibrium around their rotation axis: in short, a rotating mass is installed on board, obviously sized according to dimensions of the boat, which rotates on itself in such a way as to decrease the  boat roll. The gyros on the market at the moment are easy to install and the box that contains the gyro can be mounted anywhere; in order to work well they just need structural parts able to withstand the force of several tons, or rather kiloNewton meters, to oppose the roll.

Stabilizers now have so compact dimensions,  that they can be also implemented on boats around 10 meters in length. To work, however, the gyroscope must reach its normal rotation speed (Spool-up) and it takes about 30 minutes to switch it from off to operational; in this phase the consumption is higher than in the normal use phase. Up to double time, is required for the total shutdown (Spool-down). But the most modern gyroscopes don’t need a huge amount of electricity so they don’t consume a lot. They are also designed to interfere as little as possible with the boat’s ability to maneuver.

This stabilization system can be used both at anchor and in navigation and reduces the rolling by up to 95%. Having a stabilizer when you are at anchor or docked at the port can really change your experience for the better and make the difference. When choosing the type of stabilizer to install on your boat, you need to take into account many factors, so relying on a technician is the best solution. We at Sea Smart Service are ready to guide you in this choice by recommending the gyroscope that best fits your needs, obviously relying on prestigious brands such as Seakeeper to name one. We will provide for installation but also for maintenance, repairs and periodical checks. What are you waiting for?


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