Radio communication and Safety System

Radio communication and Safety System

On board, safety is obviuosly the most important thing toghether with the compliance with international regulations regarding the navigation. The Sea Smart Service is able to equip your boat with all the necessary devices to guarantee you complete safety in navigation. Let’s see some of them:

AIS (Automatic Identification System)

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) require that all the ships of 300 gross tonnage or more and all passangers ships, regardless of their size, must be equipped with the AIS. But let’s see briefly what this system is: simplifying an AIS it is formed by a VHF transceiver connected to a positioning system such as a GPS receiver, and other electronic navigation sensors, its purpose is to provide a series of information on the ships present in immediate proximity. The transmission takes place on two channels (87B and 88B) of the band intended for the radio transmissions between ships. The data are transmitted periodically using algorithms that allow to avoid the collision between the transmissions of the various units. The frequency of the updating of the informations  is variable and depends on the activity of the unit, it can range from a transmission every 3 minutes for vehicles at anchor or moored up to a repetition every 2 seconds for maneuvering or fast moving units . This informations mainly include the identification, unit type, position, route, speed of the vessel emitting the signal and can be displayed on the screen and used by the pilot system to give an alarm in the event of a collision route. . The transmitted data also allows maritime authorities to monitor the movements of ships. AIS transmitters / receivers are generally called transponders; there are transponders called RACON (radar beacons) designed to make them stand out on a ship’s radar screen. SEA SMART SERVICE offers you the best AIS transmitters / receivers currently produced on the market, also guaranteeing complete technical assistance.

Life jackets

Automatic engine shutdown systems that can also be worn in the water (systems that communicate wirelessly with the on-board system);

Emergency beacon that provides the fastest detection and the highest possible positioning accuracy for the eventual rescue of the boat and people: this is possible when the device has a technology that allows it to communicate with all satellites.

Efficient VHF radio communications: mandatory for those who sail beyond 6 miles from the coast, the VHF is a precious tool to communicate with other boats, ports, Coast Guard and above all it is essential in emergency situations.

batteryless telephones: they have the particular characteristic of working without any power supply, batteries, accumulators, or network; this is due to the high performance electroacoustic components. They are connected in pairs, at distances even greater than 5 km, or derivatives on an omnibus line

Contact us for your communication system and your safety on board: our technical consultants will propose you the most suitable solutions for your boat.

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