Medium voltage switchgear installation – Shore connection

Medium voltage switchgear installation – Shore connection

The port system is the hub of activities related to the sea economy of our country, for national and international trade and the movement of people.
During the docking phase, the ships’ engines are switched off with the use of auxiliary ones to ensure the continuity of on-board services: lighting, heating, air conditioning and cargo handling operations. These operations involve a substantial consumption of fuels, generating exhaust gases, noise and vibrations.
Cold ironing is an available and technologically mature solution that allows the elimination of pollution and emissions from boats in port, thanks to the connection to the electricity grid on land.
Only part of the boats are already prepared for cold ironing, for the others it is necessary to carry out some adaptation works such as the installation of an MV (Medium Voltage) electrical panel to receive energy.

Medium Voltage Cables

Medium voltage cables (6 to 36 kV) are used for power transmission applications or to connect equipment that requires large amounts of energy on ships and offshore platforms.
Sea Smart Service, leader in the area of ​​medium voltage products and solutions, has a long experience in the installation and assistance of products according to a wide range of international standards.
Medium voltage products are designed and extensively tested to withstand the requirements of shore-to-ship power solutions, helping to ensure maximum reliability.
Sea Smart Service will be your trusted partner for the installation of medium voltage switchboards on your boats, ensuring professionalism, quality, precision and above all the safety of the systems.

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