Fiber optics

Fiber optics

Optical fiber is a material consisting of glass or polymeric filaments and has a very low weight. It can come in the form of cables that are flexible and immune to electrical noise and atmospheric conditions but are very sensitive to temperature changes. The optical fiber is made with two layers of material: the core and the mantle.

Today, optical fibers are used in the field of telecommunications and intercontinental links. These connections travel 97% of the traffic across the seabed. The advantages they bring are: data transmission over long distances without the need for a repeater, large amount of information transport, immunity from electromagnetic interference, high electrical resistance, modest weight and bulk, good flexibility and excellent resistance to adverse climatic conditions.

In the naval sector, optical fiber was introduced because, being a sector with very strict rules, the builders required increasingly quality and resistant materials that met high-level standards. In this case, fiber optic cables are excellent because they are characterized by excellent performance and are resistant to thermal changes and humidity and have a good relationship with flammable sources, with highly corrosive and toxic materials.

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We at Sea Smart Service have the goal of offering our customers the highest quality services, capable of responding to the continuing market needs. We offer complete services from design to drafting and connection. With attached optical fiber monitoring both in the terrestrial and naval fields and we will help you decide the best solution suited to your needs and your business.

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