Electronic Chart Display and Information System

Electronic Chart Display and Information System

The Sea Smart Service knows that safety on board is essential while sailing and, without doubt, for a safe and pleasant navigation, it is mandatory to have an efficient, continuously updated ECDIS installed on board, capable of interfacing with the other safety systems of the boat. For this reason we have developed over the years a deep knowledge of the operational characteristics of this type of systems. But let’s briefly see what an ECDIS is and how it works and interacts with the other safety systems installed on your yacht.

ECDIS: Electronic Chart Display and Information System

The Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) is a geographic information system used for nautical navigation in compliance with the regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as an alternative to paper nautical charts. An ECDIS system displays information from electronic navigation charts (ENC) and integrates it with information relating to the position, direction and speed it receives from the ship through various navigation sensors. Sensors that could interface with an ECDIS are for example radars, automatic identification systems (AIS) and echo sounders. In order to have an efficient system you also need:

  • Electronic Navigational Charts

They are nothing else than vector maps conforming to the requirements for the ECDIS databases, with standardized contents, structures and formats, issued with the authorization of the hydrographic offices authorized by governments. ENCs also comply with the specifications of the International Hydrographic Organization. They contain all the cartographic information necessary for a safe navigation . Systems using ENC charts can be also programmed to warn against any impending danger in relation to the position and movement of the vessel.and movement of the vessel.

  • Raster Navigational Charts

Raster Navigational Charts are produced by converting paper nautical charts into digital images using a scanner. The image is similar to the images of a digital camera, which can also be enlarged for more detailed information such as in the ENCs

Brands handled by Sea Smart Service

We at the Sea Smart Service can offer you the best brands on the market such as: Furuno, Raymarine, Garmin, Transas just to name a few. We will propose you the best softwares to generate automatic graphics and to link the ECDIS system with the other safety systems  installed on your boat. You will also have availability of ENC packages covering practically all  the world and that you will choose according to your needs. Obviously you will have our technical consultants at your disposal who will implement your system and then provide you with assistance in the software over time update, that is essential for the proper functioning of the system.

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