Cranes, gangways and ladders

Cranes, gangways and ladders

Your yacht cannot lack of accessories such as little cranes, gangways and ladders, essential to make your boat experience comfortable and enjoyable. The Sea Smart Service can provide you with a wide range of these products, always guaranteeing high quality and innovative design.


The cranes series that we offer are designed to facilitate hauling and launching of tenders, jet skis and water toys. They guarantee both functionality and safety and are produced in the hydraulic version for flybridge and deck or manual for smaller boats. The hydraulic cranes for flybridge are designed to guarantee an elegant design to a voluminous accessory that must be installed on the deck in order to make them pleasing to the eye: this accessory is absolutely essential for handling water toys and hulls. The models we offer have different load lifting capacities and you can choose the one that best suits your needs. If you do not need hydraulic cranes, you can also opt for a manual model that you can combine with a manual gangway. Also for these models, made with the best materials, we guarantee ease and safety in their use.

Hydraulic and electric gangways

The hydraulic gangways, with fully automatic movements, have been designed to meet the needs of a wide and varied type of boats. The structures are made of aluminum or stainless steel so that solidity and lightness are ensured. They have an infrared or radio wave remote control for the best functionality. If, instead, you want to choose a truly innovative gangway, we recommend the gangway with fully electric movement, which is the most innovative product on the market. The main features of this new gangway model are:

  • eco-friendly electrical system that reduces the use of polluting materials;
  • lightness, thanks to the absence of the hydraulic unit, which significantly reduces the weight on board. This leads to an automatic reduction in fuel consumption;
  • Energy efficiency: energy consumption is optimized
  • Completely silent system

If,instead, you need a simple but functional product, you can also opt for a manual gangway ideal for small boats: this kind of product meet high standards of quality and reliability as well.Passerelle idrauliche e elettriche


Among the luxury accessories for yachts and super yachts there are certainly the nautical ladders for a dip in the sea, or for a comfortable boarding. the Sea Smart Service  can provide you with a wide range of products which include: bathroom ladders, side ladders, fixed or revolving; all our ladders are made with high quality materials that guarantee functionality, safety and durability.

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