Cable wiring

Cable wiring

Cable wiring is the process by which the various cables of an appliance or system are connected in order to guarantee the correct functioning of the entire system, from the transmission of electricity to the internet or to the audio system. It consists of a passive part identified by cables, sockets, connectors, etc. and an active part, i.e. routers, switches, etc.
The wiring can be both structured, in case it is necessary to create and connect systems of different local networks (telephone network, LAN, etc.), and modern wiring, for home automation, which allows you to make your home “intelligent”.

From laying cables to wiring
Being an extremely complex activity that requires great precision, preliminary steps are necessary to be able to connect a system without any short circuits. First of all you need to create a project that includes the various components of the wiring and then you need to design the laying of the cables with the possible creation of cable paths. The latter is a fundamental step since it must be carried out with precision, being what will support and carry the cables in the electrical panels, making the system safer and more orderly.
Rely on Sea Smart Service also for the laying of your cables, both for land and naval systems.

The cabling of the cables also depends on the type of cable (for example Cat 5-6-7 network cables need RJ-45 connectors) and on its length. In the latter case, for example, if the length of the cables exceeds 100 meters, fiber is used, which also requires specific connectorization.

Sea Smart Service will provide for the wiring of your systems, both for your business and for your boat, in order to ensure you an efficient and fast service, in full compliance with current legislation.

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